Thursday, October 29, 2009

I lead a charmed life.

So for a slight rupture in the description of my travel adventures lately, here's a quick anecdote on my week here in Paris. On Monday Rach told me to go see a French band called the Plasticines that night, and when I mentioned this to my hostmom she said, "Oh, you mean The Virgins concert down the street?" Ha. "Ummm, noo but what about The Virgins?" "Simon (her photographer son who works for Jalouse, the French equivalent of Nylon) is touring with them as their photographer, so he's at their concert tonight close to here! Let me call him and see if he can get you in!!"

10 minutes later I had my name on a list to see one of my more recent favorite bands for free. And it was only a 3 minute walk to get there.


Excellent show.

"Rich Girls"

"One Week of Danger"

Cool harmonizing.

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