Sunday, June 13, 2010

Couldn't sleep.

So in the wee hours I search the internet like the average Joe, and what do I find this night??

A spectacular slew of Annie Leibovitz photographs for Vanity Fair 2007 that emulates scenes from the films of none other than my favorite,

Alf Hitchcock.

I am simply obsessed and really wish that I would have thought of the theme first, not gonna lie...

Psycho: Marion Cotillard [My favorite recreation as far as subject matter of late, naturally.]

Rear Window: Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem [A very close second, but Scarlett is no Grace Kelly and Javier is certainly no Jimmy Stewart.]

Strangers on a Train: Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy [I just loved this movie, and this scene was the closest to its original. Those two should plan a re-make.]

Marnie: Naomi Watts [I know nothing of this film, and she makes me want to watch it.]

Dial 'M' for Murder: Charlize Theron [See Naomi Watts.]

North By Northwest: Seth Rogan [Gotta love it.]

The Birds: Jodie Foster [Ironic because Naomi Watts has already been cast in its re-make.]

Lifeboat: Tang Wei, Josh Brolin, Casey Affleck, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Foster, Omar Metwally, and Julie Christie

To Catch a Thief: Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. [We only watched the first scene in my Hitchcock course, but this is another I'd love to see. Anyone care to join?]

Vertigo: Renee Zellweger [Not my first choice, but she does look a lot like Kim Novak.]

Rebecca: Keira Knightley and Jennifer Jason Leigh [The next Hitch film on my list--its premise is probably one of the most classic Hitchcockian besides The Trouble With Harry...ya know, the whole 'you never actually see the main character' idea.]

The best of his films that I've seen is Notorious, and I've decided that absolutely NO ONE could recreate the chemistry between Ingrid and Cary.

Even Annie knows that ;]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

--Starlight Theater--

So my cousin Brooke and I saw Starlight's rendition on opening night last Thursday and I highly suggest!! (So would she.)

Roxy, Velma, and Billy Flynn are FANTASTIC, and I must make a special shout out to my friend
Christian who is hilarious in his two roles as racist attorney and Flynn's quirky tailor. Great
dancing on his part too!

Starlight Box Office!

going home.

So Alex and I went to Appleton this weekend to hang out with his dad Mike and stepmom Marion...

and it was a freaking BLAST.


1. Far too many sugar cookies and snicker doodles from Great American Cookie Co.
2. Sunny dinner on the docks of the Fox River dam at Fratello's with the folks.
3. Sitting on swings at Sandy's bar with a fruity 'Pain Killer' in hand.
4. Baby beers at Richmond Street Pub watching 95 year old toothless ladies suck on pretzels and Mountain Dew (no joke).
5. Beating Dan and Bryce at pool at Grumpy's.
6. The house party and listening to Ben's band.
7. Monsieur Michael Wolf's famous bacon and eggs breakfast!!
8. Three beer pong victories in a row.
9. Making $30 for sideline reffing Alex's Sunday soccer game.
10. Meeting Jiggs the cat.
11. Racing Mike and Marion (the M&Ms) home after Grumpy's...piggy back style.
11. Watching Garden State and realizing after the fact that its premise was exactly our weekend...minus the funerals fortunately ;]

12. Driving-slash-running around my boyfriend's home town in the rain pretending like we're 8
together and hearing stories about big snag fish, painted rocks, curse word threats, and
fireworks at Memorial Park.

How's that for priceless MasterCard...


I ♥ A. Wolf.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So Rach showed me this...

...and I want it.

In the words of Veruca,

"Give it to me NOW."

Wild Fox Couture.