Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The City of...Wishing.

So luckily there are two awesome girls here named Mary Margaret Burdett and Claire Lauer who, upon my request, agreed to brave the lowering temperatures and venture out with me to Place Trocadéro, a big square in between two museums with an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower. M.M. and I had been there last week for the Ingrid Vlasov fashion show (didn't end up having time to get in, however I still have to talk about my other fashion week experiences.......) so we knew it was a picturesque area. And ironically, I chose one of Ash's "Paris by Foot" cards at random last night to give me somewhere to go for my birthday excursion, and Trocadéro just happened to be the one I chose (perfect).

It was short-lived due to the cold, but totally worth it...a bottle of white wine, my white Jackie-O coat, white light-show on the Eiffel, and a white flame on my baby blue birthday candle.

I got my wish.


Yet another pastry present, only this one's from raspberry macaron 'cake'.

My wish!

Light show...M.M. said I should've blown out the tower instead ;]

Thanks for all the birthday wishes again, friends and family! I love you all dearly <3

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