Sunday, January 16, 2011

Films to wait for...

Two of which happen to feature Mia Wasikowska. Those Aussies - simply bred for good filmmaking.

Jane Eyre
Release: March 11

Yet another rendition of the Bronte classic, only with an eery air [pun intended] of spiritual darkness in each dimly lit, wide-angle shot.
Directed by Cary Fukunaga


I love the morbidity of the opening shot sequence and the symbolism you know it will play in regard to the rest of the film's redemptive plot line.
Directed by Gus Van Sant


"It's the simple things in life" as the old adage goes, right? If only I'd thought to write an indie screenplay with that very theme and work in a few interconnected characters and plot lines. I mean, it's not like it's been done before or anything. (American Beauty, Happy Go Lucky, Crash...) Still, this one looks pretty adorable.
Directed by Josh Radnor

Frankie and Alice

I recently saw an interview with Halle Berry where she mentioned that she'd fought a number of years to personally produce this film, which I found pretty remarkable and endearing. It takes an introspective look on the saga of a paranoid schizophrenic, where the dueling alter is a white, upper-middle class debutante vying for control over the mind of a black, disco-dancing hussy living amidst the 60s' uproarious Civil Rights Movement. Right up my psychoanalytical ally.
Directed by Geoffrey Sax


Not generally my type of movie, but let's face it - whoever thought casting the Albino-looking Ronan as a 14 year old assassin badass was going to make an excellent motion picture is a cinematic clairvoyant ahead of his or her time.
Directed by Joe Wright

"there's more to you than plantin' and plowin'"

Dior apparemment...?

Je ne sais pas, mais je le veux...mal.

Trop cher, j'assume. C'est triste, non?

the soul and a new place


Major Label Debut - Broken Social Scene

reminds me of us, dear. think we can both fit in that Dexter shirt...?

days spent apart stacked on days spent together...365 of them to be precise. only appropriate that our means of documentation would be the same - two cook books on a pot on a coffee maker...our creativity bears sweet irony, i hope you know.

-Parker Fitzgerald-

Thursday, January 13, 2011

the signs in the stars

My beliefs have never rendered me much of an astrology buff, but the oft tainted powers of fortune telling and telekinesis have been heavy on my mind after finishing the first season of Carnivale with my boyf Alex. Ironically [or perhaps fortuitously] enough, my cousin Brooke got an adorable Pisces necklace from American Eagle for Christmas.

Jealousy spawned an Etsy search for all things Zodiac, and the accessories of Louise Rose were the sprightly result.

-My 2011 Horoscope-

[I haven't read one of these in ages]

"As a Libra, stability and balance is very important. The Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 will be a great year for Libras because it brings much of the same. This will inspire Libra to branch out and try some new things! Be prepared for a slight bump in the road at the beginning of the year, as there will be some challenges regarding career, but nothing that is impossible to overcome. There will certainly be a special someone vying for your attention, but keep yourself under control Libra. You don’t want the promise of true love to get burned up in the fires of this romance."

"As per the Libra Horoscope, 2011 would be a positive year, as you will experience a dynamic & vibrant approach in career as well as life in general. You will be active, inquisitive and ready to open up new channels in life."

Hmm...I'm balanced and stable, yet experiencing bumps in my career choices [haven't made any] and ohh boy do I have the promise of true love all right!

Fairly accurate, I'd say...looking forward to those "new channels."

Sunday, January 9, 2011


"Burning glances, turning heads.
Stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you..."

December thirty-first, two thousand and ten - a mystical New Year's Eve with the red wine pouring and spilling, the Coors Light cans spraying and crunching; the inside jokes of Catch Phrase phrases shouted at the top of drunken lungs; kissesKISSESkisses stolen everywhere; hearts pounding in chests and on long legs; Mardi Gras masks hewn in ash, creme, silver, forest, and marmalade tied with ribbons over curly hair; home-made guises lathered with glitter and feathers, fashioned and donned by man and femme alike; Iron Man grimaces worn tough as the plastic, Wal Mart boys' section treasures they were; mini tacos eaten with zest and glee; reveries outside on the upper porch deck in surprising 50 degree warmth; and smooching the love of my life at midnight, at 12:01, at 12:02, at 12:03...

"Ghoul and goose.
Green and black.
Queen and priest.
Trace of rouge.
Face of beast.

Masquerade! Take your fill, let the spectacle astound you."

My resolutions [plain and simple]:

Write more.
Don't dwell as much.

Hope the spectacle of 2011 astounds you as much as it will I...


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Brooksie Renaissance

Fashion inspired by the 1930s silents' doll-face and self-proclaimed "pet ocelot" herself, Louise Brooks.

Yuna Yang's fall 2010 line and her quote:

"With her forward thinking fashion sense, her clothes became an external representation of her innovative and liberal spirit. Lulu's fashion heralded the emergent role of women in society, part of the twentieth century's momentum that would give rise to feminism, women's liberation and its corollary, ready-to-wear fashion."

Here here.

Ironically, LB often thought she looked Sapphic, once complaining to author Kevin Brownlow that he'd followed a photograph of Greta Garbo "with that dyke photo of me" [pictured below]. He replied saying, "I love that picture of you. Far from being Dyke, I think it's terribly sexy." Her response?

"Whatever makes you think being dyke is not being sexy? On the contrary, it is double sexy. Same with boys."

...appropriate since boyish tailoring and its accompanying feminist stigmas are now extremely celebrated in women's fashion [i.e. boy. by Band of Outsiders...].

Literary quotes from Louise Brooks by Barry Paris, of which I'm proud to say I am finally finishing all 550 pages this weekend!