Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bon Anniversaire à Moi!

So it's officially my 22nd birthday both in Paris and back home! Last night at midnight my time I was sung "happy birthday" by my beautiful mother, as well as opened two presents I'd held off on opening for a week and a half! (I've got willpower.) Cute notepad and pencil from Ash as well a "Paris by Foot" deck of 'tourist cards' complete with monuments/cafés/obscure shops on one side and a small map on the other. She's so thoughtful I can't even handle it. (LOVE YOU ASH!). My other gift was a swanky Parisian style, loooong-chained gold necklace with a huge bejeweled feather on the end from Susie-Mom and Davy-Daddy...they found it at Woodfield after dropping me off at the airport. I love it. (Oh, and can't forget the card that made me cry...I love my parents so much.)

Then today my friend Divya (pictured in my last blog), sweetheart that she is, came to our 9 a.m. class with two birthday gifts: a cute little pastry-cake in hand and a huge smile on her face. I was stunned!! Plus I've already enjoyed a number of awesome birthday wishes on facebook, a leisurely lunch, a successful paper (due tomorrow...that's right, I finished early so the night would be free!) and it's only 1:15. The day is yet young.

I bought myself some birthday candles earlier today...I'm thinking a birthday wish with Div's pastry in front of the Eiffel after class..??

Ahhh the possibilities.


Mes cadeaux.

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