Monday, October 5, 2009

"Don't let the French bugs bite!!" --Rach

So I've procrastinated yet again and am too tired to catch up on all the events from last Thursday up until now, but I did want to drop in real quick to share some good news: my cold is slowly but surely wearing thin, I made a successful grocery shopping trip today (wahoo!), and there's a baffling, boisterous Monday night fête blasting John Paul Young's "Love is in the Air" over French conversation, kitty corner to my second story apartment..

..and my-oh-my how I wish I could go join, shout a "bonne soirée!" and dance along til the wee hours..

but for now I'm content listening to the late 70s serenade out my dimly lit bathroom window.

See, it's times like this I'll look back on when I'm in staring out my own second story window on North Avenue and fully realize just how far away I was, and how much comfort I found in the little things.


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