Thursday, September 23, 2010

Those nights.

Here’s to those nights.
Those wintery nights on the second floor of the building of bird’s egg blue,
in the city we hardly saw.
Never much mattered,
sitting on that $60 couch we loved so well – bottles of yellow tail, the faux-fur blanket,
watching the mystery of Trinity unfold or the brotherhood of an Irish gang be destroyed and redeemed,
all while Figment jumped up the walls and Harmony laid on the orange chair...
gazing adoringly over at us;
those wintery nights of Angels & Airwaves and Band of Horses
when we made pasta dinner and stayed up late,
had tickle fights and talked deeply about friendships,
shared the last cigarette;
those wintery nights when we were motivated to do anything and everything.
And write.

I loved those nights…

and can’t wait for more, love.

photography by Joe Lieske
"There are stories written on the sidewalks"

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