Tuesday, May 18, 2010

united states of tara.

Toni Collette plays adorable suburban mom Tara...with dissociative identity disorder.

Her 4 personalities:

1. 15 year old "T" who smacks bubble gum and wears hot pink thongs that ride up her butt.

2. Middle-aged "Buck" who talks about his time in Nam, drives a Harley, wears flannel and
trucker hats, and smokes Lucky Strikes.

3. 50s housewife "Alice" who sounds like Grace Kelly, bakes cupcakes, and wears sundresses
with red bows and strawberries like a Stepford wife.

4. Tara herself: a wonderfully frustrated and dynamic Collette who is eternally grateful to her
understanding husband (John Corbett) and two kids (and who hides her Australian accent
phenomenally well).

D.I.D. is pretty common, I guess; a small hippocampus in patients that affects long term
memory loss while "alters" (other personalities) take over.

Hilarious, heartwarming, and interesting, I highly suggest.

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