Monday, May 17, 2010

photography thread.

So I just came across this adorable picture of photographer Richard Avedon and Twiggy in my endless e-mail sorting (a very daunting task). I've always loved Twiggy and sent myself the link after searching Avedon's photography when my friend Liz did a photo shoot emulating his work of Marilyn Monroe.

A couple weeks later Liz did a photo shoot with a few of us themed "caught in the act." Mine was a bar brawl mug shot... ;]

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Barton
Makeup Credit: Sarah Larson

Shortly before that shoot, Rach and I did a couple with Brian Milo in Rockford: The Ring/GaGa themed and absolutely FREEZING COLD. But we got some good ones.

Brian Milo

We're weird.

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