Saturday, May 22, 2010

day date.

So Alex had to put up my with girly complaints about not going on enough dates the other day,
and true to his thoughtful, reliable self he surprised me with an early dinner and a trip out to the
Golf Shack driving range!!

It was a rainy eve, so we had the range entirely to ourselves and got the hook up on ball-bucket
tokens because he knew someone working.

[romance, romance.]

About 65 balls and two very sore wrists later, I had perfected my swing enough to hit straight
and slightly far (I think we decided I had an 85 yard average!). I had the tendency for slicing
though, which helped in our competition to hit the purple flag at the far right of the range. I
claimed I had been aiming for it the whole time (Alex, of course, was speculative but still very

He even used the classic Zack Morris-esque, stand-behind-your-girl-and-hold-her-club-to-help-her-get-the-feel technique ;]

Ahh the helpful aid of a boyfriend-coach's wise instruction.

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