Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Intruder Alert.

So I walked into my kitchen juuust in time to scare a very long tail into scurrying out of my cereal and down the wall behind my microwave/dryer.

Ironically, the word for mouse and smile are very similar in French, souris and sourire....only I'm not smiling at the moment.

Oh, and I'm not sure if that was a mouse...its tail was a little too long to rule 'rat' out of the possibilities....greeeat.

Reasons this sucks:

Number 1: When I moved the microwave to try to get at him I came across an abundance of mouse poo...which means he's been here a while. (P.s. I cleaned it up, which makes me THE best tenant ever.)

Number 2: I'm not sure if Veronique is going to know what to do, are there exterminators in France I'm hoping?

Number 3: This is a very small apartment, that thing could be under my covers.

Number 4: My mother and I had a gruesomely traumatizing experience with a mouse and a shovel (use your imagination) and I'm rather gun shy about trying to kill it.

Number 5: I couldn't kill him if I wanted to because I don't know where he is.

Number 6: I have absolutely NO compassion for the lil guy in Mouse Hunt anymore.....and that's a really good movie.

Number 7: Buying mouse traps involves buying nice, expensive cheese to place in them...Rach did the courtesy of informing me he's French.

I wish I could end this saying "I vanquished the mouse," but to no avail..
I'll keep you posted.

Video of the Day:

You're welcome.

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