Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Brooksie Renaissance

Fashion inspired by the 1930s silents' doll-face and self-proclaimed "pet ocelot" herself, Louise Brooks.

Yuna Yang's fall 2010 line and her quote:

"With her forward thinking fashion sense, her clothes became an external representation of her innovative and liberal spirit. Lulu's fashion heralded the emergent role of women in society, part of the twentieth century's momentum that would give rise to feminism, women's liberation and its corollary, ready-to-wear fashion."

Here here.

Ironically, LB often thought she looked Sapphic, once complaining to author Kevin Brownlow that he'd followed a photograph of Greta Garbo "with that dyke photo of me" [pictured below]. He replied saying, "I love that picture of you. Far from being Dyke, I think it's terribly sexy." Her response?

"Whatever makes you think being dyke is not being sexy? On the contrary, it is double sexy. Same with boys."

...appropriate since boyish tailoring and its accompanying feminist stigmas are now extremely celebrated in women's fashion [i.e. boy. by Band of Outsiders...].

Literary quotes from Louise Brooks by Barry Paris, of which I'm proud to say I am finally finishing all 550 pages this weekend!

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