Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For English Lit Nerds Like Me.

I just love when my blog posts can [somewhat] unintentionally relate to each other in theme. After seeing Beauty and the Beast on stage the other night, Rach asked if I'd ever seen the French film version, La Belle et La Bete I responded with an enthusiastic "YES" and immediately had imagery running through my mind of Jean Cocteau's ethereal palace gardens and monstrous shadow lighting.

This then brought to mind the poster on Veronique's red bathroom wall in her little apartment in Paris - a place I once called home.

The next day I fortuitously came across this pic of an adorable literary clutch by Olympia Le Tan, carried around Paris during this year's fashion week [thus making me all the more nostalgic]...

...and searched to find that Le Tan's collection is more vast than a classics fiend such as myself could ever have dreamed or imagined.

[Never mind, of course, that they're $1450 a pop.]

And to wrap up my relative series of artistic and cultural interests, it just so happened that Natalie P. toted a Lolita (her first on-screen role) to the premiere of Black Swan, the latest film that I've seen and so been obsessed with since the release of its trailer two and a half months ago [review blog to come soon.]

Le Tan even has a cute kitty that reminds me of a street cat I know named Boots.
But this one's name is Fritz.

Look at that bow...this woman is great.

Oh Fritz.

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