Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paris: The City of...Au Revoirs~

So wow...so much for blogging a lot in the next few days..hah. But hey, never said this blog would be perfect..that's what happens when lots of life gets in the way ;]

It's been a surreal and sublime past few weeks what with my family being here, Jenny coming to visit, doing some last minute Paris sight seeing, my friends getting to meet my BEST friend Mary Margaret and all go out together IN PARIS for her 21st birthday, back to Barcelona for a second time, and of course wondering how I'm going to run and jump into my boyfriend's arms in baggage claim with two huge suitcases, carry-on, purse, and computer..............

-it's happening regardless, even if all my stuff gets stolen.

This is me on my last night in the apartment since Veronique is renting it out starting tomorrow for the Christmas season. I'm half-way done packing, and surprisingly I'm not as depressed as I thought I would be. Hasn't completely hit me yet I suppose...that and I've still got Interlaken, Amsterdam, and two crazy last nights in Paris with the girls before I go home, ha. Whirlwind.

It's funny, my cousin Christine (whom I haven't gotten the chance to see since last summer and even longer before that) e-mailed me a couple days ago to say two things: a) she's engaged!! and b) living abroad changed her life.

Which made me think that it really has. And everyone will say that, cliché as it may sound, but it's the truth. And I don't think I'll even fully realize it until I've been home for a long time, thinking about what V's doing or how the next American girl who'll be sleeping in my bed is adjusting to life in Paris, the roaring lions at the circus one street over, the huge graffitti Ostrich at the end of rue de Malte, or the funny old owner of the Indian restaurant next to our apartment who will sweetly say hello every time someone fumbles for their keys to the door....

or how Eiffel looks all lit up in the snow some evening in January....

I'm far too cheesy to live in a place as cheesy as this...I suppose that's why we got along so well. ;]

My au revoir song!!

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