Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Snooze Day.

So unfortunately Halloween ended up being a little anticlimactic this year. Apparently the French don't get real into the commercialism, copious amounts of candy, and "I'm a mouse, duh" antics of scantily clad teenagers in 'costume.' Regardless, we did as much dressing up as we could despite what little resources we'd brought ourselves and went out on the town.

Me: bun, leotard, skirt with tulle turned inside out= ballerina.
Mary Margaret: all black, drawn on whiskers/nose= cat.
Lauren: bee hive, "Daddy's Girl" tattoo, obnoxious black eyeliner= Amy Winehouse.
Eryne: leopard-print dress, heels, messy red lipstick, blond curly hair= Courtney Love.

We didn't even really look dressed up because people normally look that strange when they go out in Paris (minus the whiskers I suppose). But we still had a good time, hung out with a huge group of young Frenchies in the streets. Always something new and entertaining. Besides, I went to a pretty legit costume party with my friend Claire last weekend called 'Bloody Mary,' so I got my spooky fix for the year.

Alex from Clockwork Orange, Ballerina, Pumpkin ;]

The real highlight of the day was a creepy art expo M.M. and I went to at the Musée D'Orsay: a Belgian artist named James Ensor who is officially one of my new favorites. I guess he's renowned for having been kind of pompous, using lots of masks/skeletons in his work, and, in the words of one historian, "scatalogical." hah, look it up.

He had two periods that were completely different, the first consisting of crucifixion scenes, still lives, and family members/friends. The second consisted of distorted faces, guts, and gore. Weird guy.


Reminded me of Chocolat's opening scene.

Later and weirder.

My favorite: "La Vengeance de Hop Frog"

I guess I actually managed to enjoy a rather sophisticated Halloween des beaux arts: expressionism and ballet.


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