Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I had my first real task at my internship for Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine
in Orlando, FL last Friday! It involved searching hundreds of different tote bags to find just the
right style for their fall conference in L.A. The mag always gives some sort of useful goody to its
attendees, and this year I had the privilege of coming up with some of our options.

These were my personal favorites.

[A dangerous task because now I want ALL of them.]

J Crew Reusable Canvas Tote: Bus Stop Print...dedicated to my Chicago days.

Apolis Activism Market Bag..produced by Bangladesh based non-profit Saidpur Enterprise...dedicated to my Paris days.

Vivienne Westwood Seed Tree Bag...just lovely.

Modcloth Tote-ally Feline Tired Bag (get it?? hardy har...I miss my kitty Fig.)

Modcloth Full of Baloney Bag...that sandwich is way too cute to eat.

Modcloth Totally Worth-Whale Bag...again with the cleverness.

Loop Jackie O by Andy Warhol favorite.

It just so happens that in my search for this last graphic I came across a few of his other stoic depictions of the former first lady...
tragic, but classy and poised as ever.

And since my mind works only by stream of consciousness, here's a song that her iconic image always brings me back to.
Dedicated to my love, of course.


"Jackie O with the top down open..."

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