Tuesday, June 8, 2010

going home.

So Alex and I went to Appleton this weekend to hang out with his dad Mike and stepmom Marion...

and it was a freaking BLAST.


1. Far too many sugar cookies and snicker doodles from Great American Cookie Co.
2. Sunny dinner on the docks of the Fox River dam at Fratello's with the folks.
3. Sitting on swings at Sandy's bar with a fruity 'Pain Killer' in hand.
4. Baby beers at Richmond Street Pub watching 95 year old toothless ladies suck on pretzels and Mountain Dew (no joke).
5. Beating Dan and Bryce at pool at Grumpy's.
6. The house party and listening to Ben's band.
7. Monsieur Michael Wolf's famous bacon and eggs breakfast!!
8. Three beer pong victories in a row.
9. Making $30 for sideline reffing Alex's Sunday soccer game.
10. Meeting Jiggs the cat.
11. Racing Mike and Marion (the M&Ms) home after Grumpy's...piggy back style.
11. Watching Garden State and realizing after the fact that its premise was exactly our weekend...minus the funerals fortunately ;]

12. Driving-slash-running around my boyfriend's home town in the rain pretending like we're 8
together and hearing stories about big snag fish, painted rocks, curse word threats, and
fireworks at Memorial Park.

How's that for priceless MasterCard...


I ♥ A. Wolf.

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